DSC_7198DSC_3092Anadolu Agency steps taken in the 100th year vision has renewed its technological infrastructure by adding a new one.

Data center and system infrastructure of Anadolu Agency , hundreds of servers that process data stored by means of digital media -specific information systems, hosts and disk backup system .

Data center power , equipped with air conditioning and data infrastructure .

7/24 uninterrupted running , with a new generation of central security system redundant, ‘ ‘ Green IT ‘ with consuming less energy management , international ‘ ‘ TIER 3 ‘ Data Center offers a technology infrastructure that supports the standard .

In the data center, temperature, humidity, temperature, such values ​​being monitored via sensors. changes in these values, SMS and system administrators to instantly transmitted via e -mail .

In the future 40 Gbps and 100 Gbps infrastructure established to support the system structure, while preserving the initial investment cost and the design of next-generation technologies to support the features added ability to increase capacity .

Online room design and craftsmanship , has been authorized by the manufacturer , successfully completed their overseas training program was implemented by Turkish engineers and technicians . 

Data center cabling infrastructure at 10 Gbps , while the manufacturer to install and test results were analyzed on-site engineers from Ireland and cabling infrastructure was given a 20-year warranty. 


Visco energy , data, security and architectural design as it was handed over to the authorities involved in the project .