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Anadolu Agency (AA ), Data Center Opened

DSC_7198DSC_3092Anadolu Agency steps taken in the 100th year vision has renewed its technological infrastructure by adding a new one.

Data center and system infrastructure of Anadolu Agency , hundreds of servers that process data stored by means of digital media -specific information systems, hosts and disk backup system .

Data center power , equipped with air conditioning and data infrastructure .

7/24 uninterrupted running , with a new generation of central security system redundant, ‘ ‘ Green IT ‘ with consuming less energy management , international ‘ ‘ TIER 3 ‘ Data Center offers a technology infrastructure that supports the standard .

In the data center, temperature, humidity, temperature, such values ​​being monitored via sensors. changes in these values, SMS and system administrators to instantly transmitted via e -mail .

In the future 40 Gbps and 100 Gbps infrastructure established to support the system structure, while preserving the initial investment cost and the design of next-generation technologies to support the features added ability to increase capacity .

Online room design and craftsmanship , has been authorized by the manufacturer , successfully completed their overseas training program was implemented by Turkish engineers and technicians . 

Data center cabling infrastructure at 10 Gbps , while the manufacturer to install and test results were analyzed on-site engineers from Ireland and cabling infrastructure was given a 20-year warranty. 


Visco energy , data, security and architectural design as it was handed over to the authorities involved in the project .


Use Uninterruptible Power To End

Other Upsler to 5 standard PC connecting to the market, Mercury Series Online UPS 1KVA 0.9 to 6 Standard PC ‘s can Bonding with confidence . More power, more efficiency for Electric VISCO always with you ..


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Octa Light Products in Turkey

Octa Light Bulgaria is the first LED manufacturers with entirely European -based production center. as a production and research center was established in Bulgaria. Octa Light ‘s mission ; strong and producing high-quality LED and LED fixtures, developing ; to improve the quality of life and standards.

The three primary colors (red , green, and blue colors requested by the customer , as well as white ) lighting devices offering is a fully integrated supplier. It has the latest technology, production facilities and qualified specialist staff.

Octalight also offers RGB Chip- On-Board ready LED solutions is one of the world’s leading manufacturers .

Octa Light Bulgaria, where applicable , as well as optical products, specialty products , electronics, offers a comprehensive LED solutions for specific solutions in the mechanical field.

Octa Light performs the following activities:

  • Powerful, high brightness LED manufacturing : 1W , 3W and 5W of 110-120-130 Lm / W values ​​in .
  • Manufacturing all kinds of LED luminaires for lighting : street lighting , tunnel lighting, industrial , interior and exterior applications.
  • Lighting design , measurement, audits and comprehensive engineering solutions,

All these products and services as Visco Turkey, Turkmenistan , we offer our customers , including the territory of Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

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Documented Excellent Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction management system called ISO 10002 certification, we have been awarded as a company that fulfills the requirements .

Your comments , your suggestions , your complaints are important to us.

Anywhere in Turkey 444 7 VSC (872 ) and the number all your suggestions about our unit is available with e-mail address , your complaint , you can forward your views .

WHY ISO 10002?

Holding the hands of an organization’s existing customers is more costly to acquire new customers at least four-fold . Customers lose their reputation and regain the institutions to compensate for these losses need great effort and cost. In this case , we need to manage our exposure to anti- system approach with a common approach to the management of each system.

Therefore ISO 10002;

•   Customer way that shows you how to behave when faced with the complaints bodies .

•   Institutions , following an incident with customers “sorry” We all wish you enough , if we need more planning major activities , including guidance about the need to pay compensation to compensate .

•   The problems experienced by the customer in the most equitable manner allows handling .

•   The lessons taken from the complaint allows the identification of areas for improvement .

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Visco Led Downlight Product Out

Visco ‘s highly acclaimed interior spot lighting LEDs used in lighting products has entered into stocks.

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The new generation of lighting products with the assurance VISCO

Environment and eco-friendly products, will guarantee the future sustainability VISCO support .

The new generation LED lighting systems, high efficiency , less power consumption contributes both to nature and pocket.

  • They consume very little energy ,
  • Long -lasting ,
  • They are resistant to thermal and mechanical shock ,
  • To emit light directly , so they are efficient ,
  • Infrared , no UV radiation , no environmental damage ,
  • They do not contain harmful gases are safe ,
  • Without the danger of burning or distortion touched upon request ,
  • There are large areas with different colors

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We BEGINS we push the button … !!!

Visco is starting to roam all over Turkey .

The latest technology products around the Turkey to join the tour and we continue to promote our technology solutions will be honored us ….

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