Octa Light Bulgaria is the first LED manufacturers with entirely European -based production center. as a production and research center was established in Bulgaria. Octa Light ‘s mission ; strong and producing high-quality LED and LED fixtures, developing ; to improve the quality of life and standards.

The three primary colors (red , green, and blue colors requested by the customer , as well as white ) lighting devices offering is a fully integrated supplier. It has the latest technology, production facilities and qualified specialist staff.

Octalight also offers RGB Chip- On-Board ready LED solutions is one of the world’s leading manufacturers .

Octa Light Bulgaria, where applicable , as well as optical products, specialty products , electronics, offers a comprehensive LED solutions for specific solutions in the mechanical field.

Octa Light performs the following activities:

  • Powerful, high brightness LED manufacturing : 1W , 3W and 5W of 110-120-130 Lm / W values ​​in .
  • Manufacturing all kinds of LED luminaires for lighting : street lighting , tunnel lighting, industrial , interior and exterior applications.
  • Lighting design , measurement, audits and comprehensive engineering solutions,

All these products and services as Visco Turkey, Turkmenistan , we offer our customers , including the territory of Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

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