Acad Serisi Led Modül

The ACAD series ready Lamp on Board solutions represent the ultimate product developed by Octa Light for turnkey lighting of Industrial, Street of other high power, high output requirement applications.
The ACAD modules are designed as a single stage solution for applications requiring from 30W to 80W input power, from 70 to 130 lm/W light output.The specific schematic of the design makes the entire module extremely compact, electrolytic capacitor free, with high power factor and extreme longevity. No external power drivers are needed, just 230 V direct AC.
The module is compliant to all technical requirement for Electrical devices including, but not limited to, EN61000,EN61547, EN55015, EN60598.
The module can be provided at Cool,Neutral or Warm white light emission color,following standard Octa Light Binning.The module can be provided with varied light output distribution solutions,
covering a vast range from 60 to 140 degree 2Θ1/2 light cones distributions. Light simulation files are available upon request.


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