Customer satisfaction management system called ISO 10002 certification, we have been awarded as a company that fulfills the requirements .

Your comments , your suggestions , your complaints are important to us.

Anywhere in Turkey 444 7 VSC (872 ) and the number all your suggestions about our unit is available with e-mail address , your complaint , you can forward your views .

WHY ISO 10002?

Holding the hands of an organization’s existing customers is more costly to acquire new customers at least four-fold . Customers lose their reputation and regain the institutions to compensate for these losses need great effort and cost. In this case , we need to manage our exposure to anti- system approach with a common approach to the management of each system.

Therefore ISO 10002;

•   Customer way that shows you how to behave when faced with the complaints bodies .

•   Institutions , following an incident with customers “sorry” We all wish you enough , if we need more planning major activities , including guidance about the need to pay compensation to compensate .

•   The problems experienced by the customer in the most equitable manner allows handling .

•   The lessons taken from the complaint allows the identification of areas for improvement .

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